Dorje Phagmo fire puja (jinsek)


Elaborate ritual of Dorje Phagmo, Dorje Phagmo Drubpa, has been a part of official program in the Centre in Grabnik since 2000. Before that, it had not been performed publicly but in a closed group of practitioners who had completed the outer, inner and secret Yidam practice. Nevertheless, after some time, Tenga Rinpoche advised that making the Drubpa openly would bring great benefits and inspiration to others, since they will receive the blessing of Dorje Phagmo by hearing the recitations.

The previous practice of Dorje Phagmo in Grabnik took place two years ago and last year we performed elaborate Khorlo Demchok practice.

This year one-week Dorje Phagmo Drubpa lasted in our Centre from the 29th of June till the 5th of July 2020. It was an elaborate version of the practice with sand mandala and fire puja (jinsek) at the end of the ritual.

You can see the photos from this year's Dorje Phagmo Drubpa in our gallery and on our YouTube channel 'Benchen Poland' we have posted few short videos, which show creating of the sand mandala:





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