The European Buddhist Union – EBU was founded in London in 1975. It unites the single associations as well as the Buddhist Unions from various European countries. Among the goals of the EBU is "to facilitate the international exchange and promote the spiritual friendship amongst European Buddhists, to support social actions and ideas motivated by Buddhist values, and to amplify the voice of Buddhism in Europe and worldwide".

EBU is open to all Buddhist schools and traditions which want to unite in accordance with the Buddhist teachings and cooperate in spiritual friendship, respecting the diversity. The Union supports the dialogue amongst Buddhist traditions and with other religions, beliefs and philosophies. It is a partner in the dialogue between the European Union and other European and international organisations dealing with the matters of religion and faith.

The Polish Buddhist Union became a member of The European Buddhist Union in 2011. The same year the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Buddhist Association also joined the EBU.

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in 1975 in Paris. The AGM is an opportunity for members to meet and share experience in workshops, dialogue and other activities.

This year, the AGM was held in Karma Ling Centre in France. It is a Buddhist centre of Karma Shangpa tradition and is beautifully placed in the Alps in the old carthusian monastery.

Poland was represented by Lama Rinczen who is the secretary of the Polish Buddhist Union and The Benchen Karma Kamtsang Buddhist Association. During the meeting, which lasted from 26th to 29th of September, the report of the current activities of EBU was presented. Next, the legal situation of Buddhist organisations in various European countries was discussed. Particularly important point of the meeting were the changes in the statute which have been prepared for many years and the presentation of the document that contains the declaration of the goals of the Union.

The document can be downloaded in PDF file.



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