One of the main activities of the association is creating favourable conditions to familiarize oneself with teachings and Buddhist practice of our tradition.

Regular seminars take place in our Centre, during which the participants study Buddha’s teachings and get familiar and practise different kinds of meditations. The seminars are led by great current Vajrayana masters whom we invite, mostly Rinpoches from Benchen monastery, as well as by Lama Rinchen who lives in our Centre in Grabnik. Other lamas from Nepal and Poland also visit us to carry out seminars. In the section "Schedule", Calendar of events is to be found, while details on each seminar are available in "Upcoming events". 

The infrastructure of the main centre of our Association – the Centre in Grabnik, allows not only to study teachings and take part in group practices, but also for those who are interested in, to make shorter or longer (including the three-year-retreat) meditation retreats under the guidance of experienced teachers.

A wide collection of books (also in foreign languages) is available to be used on the spot in our Centre in Grabnik.

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