The clinic was started as part of the charitable activities of Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery in Nepal.

In 1994, because of the poor health standard among the locals in the surrounding area as well as among the monks, the late Abbot of the monastery Tenga Rinpoche took the initiative to start a medical clinic. The objective is to offer free medical care to anyone who is in need.

The monastery and the clinic is registered as an NGO organization. (Non-government).

The clinic is housed in a two-story building; on the ground floor are a consulting room and also a free dental clinic, which is very much welcomed in Swayambhu. In 2003 a laboratory was established with a technician working there two days a week. In April 2013 His Eminence Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche inaugurated newly built x-ray facility.

On a daily basis between 30 and 50 patients are treated by doctor Tsering and others at the medical clinic, some of whom have been walking many hours from their village. In one year there are more than 7000 visits to the clinic.

Benchen Clinic helps people outside Kathmandu as well. A branch clinic has been established in Pharping, a small town about 20 kilometres from Kathmandu. This smaller clinic is open two days a week and offers a medical examination as well as the necessary medications for free to everybody.

After a huge earthquake which stroked Nepal in spring 2015, the Benchen monastery supported the victims from the very beginning in every possible way. Benchen Clinic organized then a small health team led by dr. Tsering. This group, which included some Benchen monks, went each day to different villages, set up mobile clinics and provided medical care, first aid and medications to more than 1500 people.

In September 2017, Benchen Clinic co-organized a health camp in the Parsa district of the flood affected southern Terai region of Nepal. During the 3 days 1618 patients were treated - children and adults.

The dental part of the clinic was established in 1998 by a Polish doctor Wojciech Ryncarz. After few years, doctor Agata Turkiewicz joined him and then she was spending few months there every year. Currently, it is the only medical facility in Nepal which offers free dental care to all Tibetan and Nepali people. At present, it is run by Karma Dolma, Tibetan doctor educated in Poland.

With the purpose of collecting money to cover the running costs of the clinic a Europe-based organisation was founded: Benchen Free Medical Foundation Denmark.

There is also a Polish project named „Klinika Dentystyczna Bencien” which collects money especially for the dentist clinic. The project is one of activities of an association “Stowarzyszenie Studenci dla Wolnego Tybetu”, which is a public benefit organization. Therefore, it is possible to contribute 1 % of your income tax to its support. Details on



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