It has been Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche’s wish of many years to build a nunnery or retreat centre for nuns, so that women can study and practice Dharma as it is practiced in our Benchen monastery.

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche has already been planning to do so since the 90s. In 2011 an opportunity presented itself to purchase a beautiful piece of land next to our Benchen Clear Light Retreat Centre for monks. Rinpoche found this land to be especially suitable for the purpose of a nunnery. Due to a generous private donation, Rinpoche was able to purchase the land and an existing shell building. It was Rinpoche's wish to finish the Ani Gompa perfectly.

Due to the efforts of the Boldt family, Rinpoche's long-time students from Cologne, the Dharma House Benchen Tashi Ling Trust was founded. It provided funds for completing the construction and fittings. At present, Dharma House Benchen Tashi Ling Trust aims to support Arya Tara Ling with its ongoing costs such as food, gas, water, cooks and maintenance.

His Eminence Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche kindly bestowed the name Benchen Arya Tara Ling to the nunnery and gave his blessing for the fulfilment of the project.

On the 30th of August 2017, Benchen monastery issued a formal letter confirming that the project had been finished successfully. An official inauguration lead by Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche took place on the 11th of April 2018.

Martin and Tim Tashi, representing the Dharma House Benchen Tashi Ling Trust, offered a large thangka and a beautiful White Tara statue, as well as Body/Speech/Mind offering to H. E. Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa and offerings to all participants.

To see the pictures from the ceremony, please go to our monastery's website: Inauguration of Arya Tara Ling.

Benchen Arya Tara Ling is a very special place, as it not only serves as an Ani Gompa providing education to the nuns, but also will include a retreat facility so that the nuns in the course of time will be able to do the traditional three-year retreat.

At the moment, ten nuns of various nationalities are in individual retreat at the nunnery. As appointed by Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche Lama Yönten Palsang serves as their instructor (drubpön). Lama Lekshey Wangchuk has the function of nyerpa, i.e. he takes care of the daily necessities of the nunnery.

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Please kindly consider supporting this endeavour to fulfil the wishes of our Lord of Refuge Tenga Rinpoche. It will bring tremendous benefit both for the nuns and yourself.





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