Children making a sand mandala (seminar with Tenga Rinpoche in 2005)

Children making a sand mandala (seminar with Tenga Rinpoche in 2005)


During the summer seminar with Venerable Sangter Rinpoche we will offer educational, artistic and physical activities for children. We encourage children between 7 and 12 years old to participate.

The following classes are scheduled on 28th and 29th of August 2019:

Lama Rinchen - learning basic mudras
Aśka Jabłońska - making clay stupas
Agnieszka Wandzel-Gwóźdź - yoga

Lama Ewa Bugajska - introduction to Buddhism
Lama Ewa Bugajska + Agnieszka Wandzel-Gwóźdź - making a mandala
Aśka Jabłońska - baking cookies 

Please note: We are not able to provide care for younger children and we do not admit adults who would like to become children again :)

We kindly ask parents to register their children at the Center's office. This will help us to be better prepared for the classes, for example to provide the right amount of clay or yoga mats.

We are open to other ideas and help during the remaining days of the seminar. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Agnieszka Wandzel-Gwóźdź on +48 510 052 569 or .


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