Since temporarily we are not able to meet in Benchen Center in Grabnik personaly, Lama Rinchen has decided to meet with us in the near future through our YouTube channel. On the 25th of March 2020 a first, trial meeting took place, with which we have started online streaming of Dharma teachings and practices.

We stream Lama Rinchen’s talks on various topics, but only in Polish. We also stream some pujas and practice it ‘together’ online (e.g. Chenrezig or Mahakala practice) and these are in Tibetan, so everyone can join, regardless of the native language.

Detailed schedule of online meetings is updated regularly in the Calendar of events on our website. You can also find information about online events on our Facebook group.

So far the following series have been developed within our public streaming and videos:

  • Basics of Buddhist teachings - gradual introduction into Buddha's Teachings and advices on how, thanks to these teachings, we can change our way of experiencing and reacting to different situations.
  • Bodhisattva's path - teachings on how to develop Bodhisattva's motivation and how to apply it in everyday life by practicing six paramitas.
  • Teachings on lojong - presented according to tradition which encompasses them in seven points and comes from the great master Atisha.
  • Teachings on Guru Yoga - during the online sessions Tenga Rinpoche's commentary to composed by him 'Short Guru Yoga to the Root Lama Karmapa' text is discussed.
  • Prajna Paramita Sutra (The Heart Sutra) - a very detailed discussion of this text. The Heart Sutra is known to be the essence of all mahajana practices and of the second turning of the Wheel of Dharma.
  • Grabnik meetings - less formal talks on various topics by Lama Rinchen.
  • Online pujas and practices.

You can receive information on our public streaming and videos by subscribing YouTube channel Benchen Poland.



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