Apart from Lama Rinchen, many other lamas, Polish as well as foreign, can be met in Grabnik. Some of Polish lamas who finished the three-year-retreat live here while others visit the Centre regularly.

Lama Mingyur Sonam lived at our Centre for three years. He was particularly helpful with the rituals and teachings at the three-year-retreat centre.

Then, Chöpon Lama Geleg from Benchen monastery in Nepal stayed with us over a longer period. He was supervising works on filling Buddha statues and stupa with Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche’s relics. He also helped a lot with all the rituals at the centre as well as in drubkhang.

Every summer, some lamas from our monastery come to Grabnik. Well-educated lamas, such as Khenpo Ösung or Lama Yönten Palsang lead seminars in Grabnik. Umdze (those who lead while singing together) and chöyok (those who make tormas and serve the shrine) help in elaborated rituals.

Moreover, every year the International Kagyu Monlam Committee chooses three lamas from different monasteries to participate in Kagyu Monlam Poland. They prepare shrine and intone prayers during this great event.

Also those Polish lamas who do not live at our Centre usually try, although other life’s duties, to attend bigger events which take part in Grabnik.



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