From the 15th till the 23rd of February 2020 we performed in the Centre in Grabnik intensive Mahakala practice. Traditionally, it is done before Tibetan New Year – Gutor. At the end of one-week puja, the torma, into which the whole badness from previous year and all obstacles that might appear in the future were being absorbed, was thrown into fire and burnt. Pictures from the puja are to be seen here.

In our YouTube channel ‘Benchen Poland’ we have posted few short videos:


On the 29th of February, we celebrated Losar, Tibetan New Year. We started with Riwo Sang Chö practice (fragrant smoke offering) and Guru Rinpoche tsok puja. Then our centre offered lunch for all participants. In the afternoon, Lama Rinchen bestowed two empowerments: Tsuktor Dugkarmo, which protects from all badness and fears as well as from natural disasters and diseases caused by imbalance of elements and Ritro Loma Chen, whose practice protects from incurable diseases and epidemic outbreaks.

Pictures are to be seen in our gallery and videos in our YouTube channel:



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